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Re: wmappl

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 23:29, Mij wrote:
> Bastien Nocera wrote:
> >On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 07:48, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
> >  
> >
> >No need to send your humours to me. K&R never said that char should be
> >signed, it's not the norm. People just assume it, "Hey, it works on my
> >machine, so it should work everywhere". Next you're gonna tell me that
> >MMX assembly should also work on PPC because "What benefits do we get
> >from being incompatible with the rest of the world?".
> >
> >Your time would be better spent fixing the programs that make this wrong
> >assumption.
> >
> >  
> >
> Agree with Albert here.
> Standards are more precious than how most people think.

These two sentences are contradictory. ;) The current C standards don't
define if char is signed or unsigned by default, hence any code making
assumptions about that is broken.

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