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Re: Network Install won't connect

On Jul 11 2002, Colin Foran wrote:
> Sorry guys. Im trying to install on a stock 9500, OSX wont be on
> there anytime soon ; )

	Why not? I did that last week... Check XPostFacto, if you
	don't believe me.

> Link encap: Ethernet         HWaddr: ***

	You don't gain anything covering some information, which may
	have the indication of something wrong.

> inet addr:        bcast:    mask:
> UP BROADCAST  RUNNING     MTU 1500 Metric 1
> RX pakets:6  errors:3  dopped:0 frame 3

	The errors part seems to indicate that something is wrong in a
	low level. What does "arp -n" say?

> and route -n::
> UG            0                0            0                eth0
> ping default gateway(

	That's not your default gateway. Your gateway is
	What does "ping" say?

	Are these the setting you get with DHCP? As a last resort, you
	can see how things are configured with MacOS and hardcode them
	for a little while, just to help with the debugging...

	[]s, Roger...

Rogério Brito - linuxconsult@yahoo.com.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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