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Re: Network Install won't connect

Manuel Reiter wrote:
If you have networking up and running under MacOS, can you access the
network parameters there and compare the gateway addresses? (Sorry, don't
know where to find these in MacOs, but I'm sure they're there.)

MacOS X is very UNIX-like, so, ifconfig is available on it as well. Open up a terminal (located in the Utilities directory in the System Applications directory). From there simply type "ifconfig en0" ("en0" is the BSD equiv. to Linux "eth0").

I haven't followed the thread from the beginning, so I didn't know whether
he was using OS X or an earlier system. If he's on OS X: I guess 'route'
is available there as well!? That would probably even more important since
it seems he's got a problem with his gateway and we'd want to check
whether it's set up correctly.

Yes...most UNIX goodies are available on MacOS X. There are some subtle differences from how they work in Linux vs. MacOS X, but in general, they're very similar.

Sorry about sending the email directly to you...I ment to sent it to the list. My bad.


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