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Re: Network Install won't connect

> > If you have networking up and running under MacOS, can you access the
> > network parameters there and compare the gateway addresses? (Sorry, don't
> > know where to find these in MacOs, but I'm sure they're there.)
> MacOS X is very UNIX-like, so, ifconfig is available on it as well. Open 
> up a terminal (located in the Utilities directory in the System 
> Applications directory). From there simply type "ifconfig en0" ("en0" is 
> the BSD equiv. to Linux "eth0").

I haven't followed the thread from the beginning, so I didn't know whether
he was using OS X or an earlier system. If he's on OS X: I guess 'route'
is available there as well!? That would probably even more important since
it seems he's got a problem with his gateway and we'd want to check
whether it's set up correctly.



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