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Re: Network Install won't connect

On Wednesday 10 July 2002 02:28 pm, Colin Foran wrote:
> After taking another shot, i cant ping either of two nameservers.
> I really have no idea what configuration files to look at on a debian
> base install, does anyone know of anything that might be tripping up
> the connection to the name resolution servers?
> Thanks again
> -Cheers


I suspect that you don't have a default route set.  I realize that you 
had problems with the command I suggested:

 route add default gw dev eth0

But it may be worth another try.  I am not knowledgeable at all about 
setting up routes with dhcp from the base install.  I set up my machine 
with a 33K modem (an old power tower pro 200 -- mac 9500 clone) and I 
found that the install script got all of the networking correct for a 
ppp type of connection.  Since you can actually ping the destination ip 
that is set for your eth0 but you can't ping your namesevers, strongly 
suggests that there is no routing information for your default route.  
The command /sbin/route would show you what is available.  

I know that this may sound absurd, but you could try and do a base 
install with a modem and once you have something working, then switch 
over to your dhcp connection.  

John Schmidt

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