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Re: Network Install won't connect

>  route add default gw dev eth0

Ill give it a shot again. Im heading out for a short while, but im a night owl,
so ill post my luck tonight.

> I know that this may sound absurd, but you could try and do a base
> install with a modem and once you have something working, then switch
> over to your dhcp connection.

Ah...lets save that for a last resort ;-)
I can get the base system just fine from the cd, whether or not this is because
it is much less information i couldnt tell you. In an ideal situation, i would
just get the packages directly from the cd, but as soon as i get through about
40% of the packages being scanned, i get the cd i/o errors i described in
another thread.
Anyway, thanks very much for your interest in this, everybody. i really
appreciate it

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