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RE: Settings of XFConfig86-4 for PowerBook G3

On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 23:16, LMS wrote:
> Reçu de Michel Dänzer le 9/07/02 à 22:27
> >
> >Maybe you're running OFfb now instead of atyfb?
> >
> No idea. I'm not even sure what these are. I have seen several references
> to OFfb in the mailing lists, and I read the Framebuffer document in the
> Doc section, but that didn't help me.

cat /proc/fb

> >> (II) ATI(0): Not using default mode "640x350" (hsync out of range)
> [...]
> >> (II) ATI(0): Not using default mode "1400x1050" (bad mode clock/
> >> interlace/doublescan)
> >> (II) ATI(0): Not using built-in mode "Native panel mode" (vrefresh out of
> >> range)
> >> (WW) ATI(0): Mode pool is empty
> >
> >This is the problem, looks like the ranges in the monitor section are
> >too restrictive.
> I figured something along that line, yes. In fact by tweaking these
> values I am now able to use the ati driver under my 2.2 kernel. What
> puzzles me now is that I am not changing anything in the config (which I
> got mostly through dpkg-reconfigure) and what works with 2.2 kernel does
> not work at all with 2.4 kernel.

How does it fail? There can be complications with Mach64 chips related
to resource ranges, when booting with BootX I think, unfortunately I
don't remember the details.

> Well in any case do you have any suggestions about sensible values for
> the horizontal and vertical refresh on my machine (a Lombard PowerBook -
> bronze keyboard) ?

The ranges the panel supports. ;) As they're probably not known though,
a rule of thumb for a flat panel is VertRefresh around 60 Hz, say 55-65,
and then HorizSync such that the native resolution works.

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