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RE: Settings of XFConfig86-4 for PowerBook G3

Reçu de Michel Dänzer le 9/07/02 à 22:27

>Maybe you're running OFfb now instead of atyfb?
No idea. I'm not even sure what these are. I have seen several references
to OFfb in the mailing lists, and I read the Framebuffer document in the
Doc section, but that didn't help me.

>> Section "Device"
>> 	Identifier	"ATI"
>> 	Driver		"ati"
>> 	BusID		"PCI:00:17:00"
>> 	Option		"UseFBDev"		"true"
>This option has no effect with your chip, it shouldn't hurt though.
>> EndSection
>> (--) PCI: (0:17:0) ATI Mach64 LI rev 220, Mem @ 0x81000000/24,
>> 0x80881000/12, I/O @ 0x0c00/8
>Definitely not a Rage128. Driver "ati" should work with any supported ATI
>chip anyway. (As you can see, the bus ID in the device section is correct.
>lspci reports hex values)
>> (II) ATI(0): Not using default mode "640x350" (hsync out of range)
>> (II) ATI(0): Not using default mode "1400x1050" (bad mode clock/
>> interlace/doublescan)
>> (II) ATI(0): Not using built-in mode "Native panel mode" (vrefresh out of
>> range)
>> (WW) ATI(0): Mode pool is empty
>This is the problem, looks like the ranges in the monitor section are
>too restrictive.

I figured something along that line, yes. In fact by tweaking these
values I am now able to use the ati driver under my 2.2 kernel. What
puzzles me now is that I am not changing anything in the config (which I
got mostly through dpkg-reconfigure) and what works with 2.2 kernel does
not work at all with 2.4 kernel.

Well in any case do you have any suggestions about sensible values for
the horizontal and vertical refresh on my machine (a Lombard PowerBook -
bronze keyboard) ?

>Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
>XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

Thanks for your assistance

Laurent Steffan
eBusiness Technical Consultant

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