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RE: Settings of XFConfig86-4 for PowerBook G3

>> >Maybe you're running OFfb now instead of atyfb?
>> >
>> No idea. I'm not even sure what these are. I have seen several references
>> to OFfb in the mailing lists, and I read the Framebuffer document in the
>> Doc section, but that didn't help me.
>cat /proc/fb

Now this is the result on Linux 2.2

lug% cat /proc/fb
0 ATY Mach64

and on Linux 2.4

lug% cat /proc/fb
0 OFfb /pci@80000000/ATY,LTProParent@11/AT|

(for the latter, it occurs whether or not I include a yaboot directive

so ! what can be happening ? should I compile the 2.4 kernel with
different options, maybe ? 

>> [...] and what works with 2.2 kernel does
>> not work at all with 2.4 kernel.
>How does it fail? There can be complications with Mach64 chips related
>to resource ranges, when booting with BootX I think, unfortunately I
>don't remember the details.

(in fact I'm using yaboot). Well the X server just does not start, or
messes up the screen, depending on the refresh values I have entered.
Basically it gives me the error message that you analysed earlier.
Nothing more, but it does prevent my running kmines ;-) 


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