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Re: a try at dri

You're right, even the longer reply isn't as long as I thought...

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 20:25, Michael Furr wrote: 
> Added the ModulePath to my XF86Config-4:
>         ModulePath      "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules-dri-trunk"
>         ModulePath      "/usr[/local]/X11R6/lib/modules

BTW I have updated the dri-trunk debs and this is no longer necessary.

> (II) RADEON(0): Not using mode "1280x864" (no mode of this name)

It's 1280x8_5_4, the broken display you got was because other resolutions don't
work yet.

> (II) RADEON(0): [agp] Mode 0x07000211 [AGP 0x106b/0x002d; Card
> 0x1002/0x4c57]

I haven't mentioned yet that the M7 has been working great with AGP 1x
(higher speeds tend to be unstable) for me, whereas PCI GART is very
slow with it, probably related to the L3 cache.

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