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Re: Potato cd access problems

On Jul 08 2002, Colin Foran wrote:
> >         Anyway, if you want to check what the problem may be, you
> >         might like to generate an image of the CD on disk, mount that
> >         image and then try to install from there.
> I tried it, but i got both a SCSI cd error, and a cd i/o error.
> Could this be both a bad cd and a bad driver?

	I'd say so. Anyway, you could probably update your
	sources.list with the lines corresponding to the release of
	the CD you have "apt-get update" and do something like:

	# cp `find /cdrom -file f -name deb` /var/cache/apt/archives/

	You might like to copy the files to another place first (say,
	/tmp), just to make sure that everything is ok. You might also
	want to check the deb's md5sums before even doing anything
	like above, to discard the debs that are defective.

	I hope that you have a minimal net connection for updating the
	list of packages after changing your sources.list file.

	Now, if the problem is in a directory area of the CD, hummm...
	The best solution I could think of would be to rsync-update
	your image.

	But I guess that this is getting too off-topic for d-powerpc.

	Hope this helps, Roger...

Rogério Brito - linuxconsult@yahoo.com.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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