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Re: Potato cd access problems

Colin Foran <nathantwist@attbi.com> writes:

> Hey guys. I've finally got potato running on my 9500, but i'm having
> trouble getting much farther than the base system. Whenever I try to
> install any packages from the installer, i get nothing but a long
> stream of cd I/O errors. I ran df and it looks like the system is
> only occupying 75 megs of hard drive space, so i'm just over a base
> install.  Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I would have
> thought bad media, but the same cd had been used to install the base
> system itself that same day, and the disk itself is spotless.

This isn't really a direct answer, but does the system have net
access?  If it does, perhaps you could install the rest from a mirror?

As for the CD-rom problem, maybe it's a buggy SCSI driver.  Which
kernel are you using?  If it's old, try installing a newer kernel
before continuing the installation.

Josh Huber                                   | huber@debian.org |

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