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Re: Powermac 9500 won't recognize rescue floppy

On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 12:33:02PM -0400, Colin Foran wrote:
> >
> I've tried using a different set of floppies, still no dice. So far ive tried 6
> different disks, still not getting anywhere.
> But just for the hell of it after the hfs boot image floppy was ejected, I threw
> the rescue.bin disk in and it was being accessed for a good minute and a half.
> I rebooted and tried the same thing with the root.bin disk, and got no access at
> all. This mean anything to anyone? It seems as though the computer hasnt died, im
> just not getting any video.
> -Cheers

Ah. Are you using boot images from potato? They don't have video=ofonly 
in the boot arguments, which you might need. Try the woody images instead, 
if these are from the potato archive.

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