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Re: dmasound_* problems

On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 11:50:39AM +0200, Mij wrote:
> Hi
> My dmasound* modules works (mpg123 plays), but there are very bad 
> consequences trying to
> work on the mixer, with both aumix, setmixer, rexima etc.
> Pushing up and down master volume, it's not changed, instead changes 
> balance, neither well:
> you can see a lot of distorsions and it does not change uniformly. 
> Acting on pcm2 the behavior
> is similar but cleaner.
> The really strange thing is that: if you plug headphones, the story 
> changes a bit (not always the same way), and unplugging them, the change 
> leave on the speakers too.
> Someone experienced something similar (i'm talking for an ibook2 last model)
> bye

Same problem here. Only workarounds to make it work: plug the jack and
unplug it.

So far there is no patch whatsoever.



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