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Re: Modem configuration on Ti PowerBook G4

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On   2 Jul, this message from John Gilger echoed through cyberspace:
> I am trying to setup a modem to use when a dialup is the only available 
> connection to the 'net. Wvdial is configured similar to my i386 box and 
> seems to work OK up to a point -- It finds the modem and sends the init 
> string (generated by wvdialconf), but it doesn't dial out. it kind of 
> acts like a Winmodem.

If it's a first-gen TiBook (400 or 500 MHz processor): should work; at
worst, you need to add a pause to make the modem wake up. But I think
that was accounted for in wvdial...

If it's a second- or third-gen TiBook (all other speeds): you're out of
luck, it's a USB softmodem (aka winmodem, although there's no Windows
involved here..).

Why do you conclude it finds the modem? Any positive feedback from



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