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Re: XF86-Config-4 for Titanium PowerBook

Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Sat, 2002-05-25 at 14:57, Brendan J Simon wrote:

Michel Dänzer wrote:

I didn't care enough about the features begotten in X4.2 to bother installing
X by hand, I'm willing to wait for the packages.
My binaries are very unintrusive and easy to set up. See

Do I need a special kernel ?

It would be documented if you did.

In an ideal world, but I try not to make too many assumptions :) The reason I asked was that someone mentioned on a mailing list (can't remember if it was this one) that he/she required a special benh kernel. I've just read your docs and since there is no mention of particular kernels I'll assume it should work with my 2.4.9 kernel.

I'm keen to get it working with my compiled/installed version but will give your binaries a go if I can't get it working. BTW, I assume that the XF86Config-4 is suitable for the new Titaniums, but I thought the new Titaniums had a screen resolution of 1280x854 as apposed to 1154x768 on the original Titanmums.

Vielem Dank,
Brendan Simon.

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