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Re: fickle backlight goes off permanently

On Sat, 2002-04-20 at 18:05, Ali Bahar wrote:

> the backlight of my ibook has become increasingly fickle over the last
> 10 days. It turns off with slight movements or with slight tilts of
> the screen, and does so permanently: fblevel, or /sbin/backlight, do
> not undo it; only a reboot does.

I had what sounds like the same problem with my TiBook.  I eventually
sent it to Apple repair, and it took them about two weeks to get back to
me, but they did fix it (under warranty).  

One important thing to know is that despite the fact that I specifically
asked them not to touch the hard drive, they still wiped it clean.  Make
backups (I did, but it was irritating to have to restore from backups

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