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fPIC used to build packages


I have installed mpich from Debian/testing.  The code I am running fails to 
load because of the R_PPC_REL24 relocation error which I suspect is due to 
mpich not being compiled with -fPIC.  I am downloading the source now (over a 
slow modem) so can't confirm my suspicions.  I built mpich on a YDL box 
myself and had to enable -fPIC in the build (along with enabling -fPIC in my 
application building process).  If in fact I see that mpich was not built 
with -fPIC, is this considered a bug on the powerpc platforms, and if so, who 
do I report it to?  

I am just entering the world of Debian having lived in the rpm world and do 
appreciate the consistency of packages across my m68K, x86, powerpc boxes all 
running Debian.  

I am doing apt-get source mpich.  Is there an easier way to see the 
configuration line used to build a package other than downloading the whole 


John Schmidt

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