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Re: USB Mouse recommendation for iBook? (was: Re: usbmouse and docs)

> 	I would like to control this delay (in fact, I would like it
> 	to instantly change).
> 	Is there anybody here that knows if this a limitation of the
> 	ADB bus (which I read is quite slow)? Or is it controllable
> 	via software?
> 	I hope benh reads this e-mail. :-)
> 	Of course, I would like to avoid spending more money on this
> 	iBook, since I'm quite short on cash right now (and I am a
> 	graduate student -- thus, broke). :-)

Well, I hope this is resolved too, and if the trackpad can somehow be
disabled while typing..
I have the same 'broke grad student' problem. ;-)



I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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