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Re: USB Mouse recommendation for iBook? (was: Re: usbmouse and docs)

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Rogério Brito wrote:

> 	I have a question here: what would a recommended USB mouse be
> 	for use with an iBook?

Hmmm, I guess that every USB mouse wil work fine. Personally, I'm using an
optical Wheel mouse by Logitech, which is nice to use on
"strange" surfaces like Sofas or wooden tables. But it has already failed
on a plasic mouse pad.
The only real advantage over the Trackpad is having three mouse buttons
and a scroll wheel...

> 	It seems that the trackpad of this notebook is way inferior
> 	than the trackpad of my Compaq Armada V300 and I have to
> 	comfort myself with the idea of getting an external mouse,
> 	since the behaviour of "trackpad drag" is unsatisfactory.

Hmmm, what exactly is unsatisfactory? Have you tried "trackpad lock" as
The only thing I find annoying from time to time is the trackpad's
over-sensitivity which often makes me tap anywhere on the screen while

> 	So, are there any hints on what I should be looking at when
> 	buying USB mouses? Any specific model recommendations of
> 	mouses that work well under both Debian and MacOS X are
> 	appreciated.

As I said before: they should all work. With linux just as with OS X,
you just have to plug them in. So concentrate on your personal
preferences: Maybe you want a small (portable) mouse, maybe more than 1
button confuses you ;-) The most important thing is probably that it fits
nicely in your hand...
If you have a good hardware dealer, they will let you try the mouse first,
maybe even allow you to connect it to your iBook.


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