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Re: Backspace key -- ADB keyboard

At 11:46 AM -0300 3/15/02, Rogério Brito wrote:
On Mar 13 2002, Mark Burgess wrote:
 > Hm, true. The backspace works fine in the console. OTOH it also works
 > fine in vi through xterm... it just seems to be busted in bash
 > through xterm.

	Do you have anything strange in your ~/.inputrc?

Nope, not right now. I've tried a few things in there that didn't seem to work, so currently I don't use one at all. The latest stuff I did to ~/.Xdefaults (see previous post) did change the behavior of the Backspace key, but overall it's for the worse -- the key used to work fine in vi but now it doesn't, and it's not really working right in bash or cat either. Once I get it working in xterm/bash I'll probably have to go in to each app that I use and tweak the behavior there.


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