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Antw: Re: Install a Debian in an E/30

Oh, I reply to myself :-)

>>> "Benny Siegert" <Siegert@klinik-schillerhoehe.de> 19.02.2002  11.54 Uhr >>>
> Don't know about the E30 or the B50, but I have an E20 here. Do you
> If you want, I have a 2.4.17 kernel with Ramdisk and SCSI support.
> However, it does not fully boot for me: The scsi driver (no matter
> which one I choose) hangs at startup :-(. Without scsi, I can start
> the installer, but its useless without disk access :-(.

I have attached the boot messages of that kernel. At the last line, it
hangs forever :-(. 

Alas, I have lost most of the RS/6000 kernel files in a hard disk crash, 
so I do not have the config file for this kernel. The driver that fails is 
the one under CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2. The other 53C8XX drivers 
available also hang. Has anyone got an idea what could be wrong?


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