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Antw: Re: Install a Debian in an E/30

>>> Warren Turkal <wturkal@dotlogix.com> 18.02.2002  23.37 Uhr >>>
> How about a B50? I found a website at 
> http://adequat.c2a.fr/linux/howtos/rs6000, but it does not work. The kernel 
> seems to unzip and it gets to a point that says booting...
> If anyone has this working and is willing to share any info, that would 
> officially rock.

Don't know about the E30 or the B50, but I have an E20 here. Do you
have a model with a graphics card? If not, you have to explicitly tell
the kernel to use a serial console. The command line goes like this:

  root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1 console=ttyS0,9600

If you want, I have a 2.4.17 kernel with Ramdisk and SCSI support.
However, it does not fully boot for me: The scsi driver (no matter
which one I choose) hangs at startup :-(. Without scsi, I can start
the installer, but its useless without disk access :-(.


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