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Re: [Debian-PowerMacs]"Can't OPEN: /vmlinux" error in OpenFirmware 2.0

on 20/02/2002 12:50, Jerome Levesque at jerome.levesque@hermes.usherb.ca

> Hi,
> I'm trying to install Debian 3 (woody) as the sole OS on my powermac 5400/180
> but I've been stuck for a few days now trying to input the right settings in
> OF
> (v2.0) to make Linux boot from the hard disk (IDE 1.2Gb). I know this issue
> has
> been documented at many places and discussed in the mailing lists but I still
> have not found what was the problem in my configuration. The settings
> suggested
> by A.Arthur (http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik/) seem to fail for me. Here
> are
> my (unsuccessful!) OF settings:
> nvsetenv input-device kbd
> nvsetenv output-device ttya
> nvsetenv auto-boot? true
> nvsetenv boot-device ata/ATA-Disk@0:0
> nvsetenv boot-file " /vmlinux root=/dev/hda2 video=atyfb:vmode:17:cmode:16"
> nvsetenv boot-command "begin ['] boot catch 1000 ms cr again"
> nvsetenv load-base 100000

The first time I installed tthe base package (from the RAM disk), I saw in
the install manual like this:

(first, I have to say that I have a 7500, which is Old World OF, and running
on SCSI,) 
nvsetenv 'ofpath /dev/sdc6'

During the install, when it asks you to "Make Linux partition bootable", you
have to go down the list to "Open a shell", then type that.

which then it subsequently booted into debian when I had configured BootX
properly, and clicked "Linux". Since you're not using Mac OS at all, this
may not help, but maybe it will.



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