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Re: "Can't open: /vmlinux" error in OpenFirmware 2.0

1) setting the output-device to ttya means the output will be sent to 
the modem port. Is that what you intended? Use screen if that works.

2) In my usage of quik, I find the boot-file can be set to the label 
of the image in quik.conf rather than the stuff you have. Of course 
if you really need that other stuff you'd have to add it in your quik.conf 
with append="stuff" .

3) try with video=ofonly, that's a safe bet for video; if you get something 
working then try atyfb again to see if it will still work OK.

4) quik does very poorly with manual booting. I can sometimes get it to 
work if the boot block is on the same partition as the image, and I use 
the entire OpenFirmware path to the image such as (in my case) 


5) yes, if you get quik executing it will display a one-line splash and a 
boot: prompt. Then you type the label (Linux) and it should go.

6) I haven't tried the -r /target option. If you get about 5 lines of output 
(from -v), talking about /dev/hda2, then it's probably working. What I've done 
from the installer environment in the past is copy /target/etc/quik.conf to 
/etc and then run quik -v, I know that works.

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