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Re: [Debian-PowerMacs]PowerTower Pro 225

on 20/02/2002 09:55, Ed Kutrzyba at kutrzyba@deadhead.nrl.navy.mil wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hope some one can help me.  I have a powertower pro 225.  I know the
> system has broken OpenFirmware 1.0.5. I installed Woddy and all is well
> with the standard 2.2.19-powerpc deb, but  I wanted to try the new kernel.
> I downloaded the sources for 2.4.17, configured and compiled.  No joy.  The
> machine would not boot the new kernel.  I use quik and manually edit the
> quik.conf file to point to the proper kernel.
> When I 'apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.16-powerpc' from Debian, I can get
> the system to boot, but I have no console video, no X etc..  I have to ssh
> to the box.  When I look at dmesg, I don't see anything strange.
> My question is where can I get the .config that the kernel maintainer
> uses?   I would think that would give me a good baseline to start from.
> I download my kernel sources from ftp.kernel.org, are Debian's sources any
> different if I apt-get the kernel source?
> Thanks,
> Ed
Yesterday I was reading the man page for quik. I saw something that may
help, it related to specifying in the auik.conf file any additional kernels
that you may installed. It's simple really, when you look at it. You'll have
to go look for yourself, I don't remember (maybe someone on the list has the
exact info) what the line was, but go look there, it'll help.


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