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Re: [Debian-PowerMacs]Re: Testing boot-floppies on iMac

on 16/02/2002 19:12, Michel Dänzer at daenzer@debian.org wrote:

> On Sam, 2002-02-16 at 21:27, Matt Zimmerman wrote:


>> Also, how can I help to test future PowerPC boot-floppies?  Is there some
>> way to network-boot this beast, or do I have to continue to use CD-Rs?
> You can boot the installer kernel with the ramdisk from HD with yaboot,
> or am I missing something?

i'm sure, since, that's how i got this "beast" going; from the RAM-disk in
the system folder of the mac OS startup volume. i have the kernel and some
other stuff in a specially named folder, linux kernels or something like


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