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Floppy boot for powerpc: add video=ofonly?

Many oldworld powerpc computers need the video=ofonly boot argument in
order to use the installer. The hfs-boot-floppy image we currently
provide does not supply this argument. 

I used a binary editor (beav) to add video=ofonly into the miBoot
System.bin source file in boot-floppies, and verified that on my
oldworld machines the modified file enables the floppy to work, where
before the monitor couldn't sync up. (I replaced spaces in the file,
and didn't change the file size).

It's my understanding that this argument would do no harm for any
powerpc system, at least if it's just the installer boot we're talking
about. If that's right, I'd like to commit the change to cvs so the
hfs-boot-floppy image has that argument. Many systems would be enabled
for floppy usage that otherwise wouldn't work.
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