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Re: Floppy boot for powerpc: add video=ofonly?

On Sat, 2002-02-16 at 00:22, Chris Tillman wrote:
> Many oldworld powerpc computers need the video=ofonly boot argument in
> order to use the installer. The hfs-boot-floppy image we currently
> provide does not supply this argument. 
> I used a binary editor (beav) to add video=ofonly into the miBoot
> System.bin source file in boot-floppies, and verified that on my
> oldworld machines the modified file enables the floppy to work, where
> before the monitor couldn't sync up. (I replaced spaces in the file,
> and didn't change the file size).

The only issue I can think of is that while it might let the
boot-floppies work initially, the installed system won't have the
video=ofonly, so the user is left wondering why they don't have a
bootable system.

Actually, I think the debian-safe option in the current b-f has the same
problem.  We'll have to add some hackery to check whether video=ofonly
was given, and output that to the generated yaboot.conf.

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