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Re: Unusable Beige G3

On 2 Adar 5762, Ricardo Pardini wrote:

>     This problem with the keyb happens also in MacOS, even in the Open
> Firmware prompt - so I am sure it is a hardware problem. Now I ask myself if
> the machine is forever doomed or is there a way I can workaround that. The
> g3 doesn't have any other ports, just ADB, those two round "Telephone" and
> "Printer" jacks... any ideas? Could I somehow use a "remote keyboard"? (I
> can log in from the network ok, SSH etc remotely)

Buy a Belkin USB PCI card (~US$30 in the US) and add USB support to your
kernel (if you have a standard pmac kernel then it's there already), and
you can add a USB keyboard.  That probably wouldn't help if you had a
problem with OpenFirmware, though.  Did you try another keyboard?  That
might be cheaper if that turned out to be the problem.

Barring either of those, you could certainly install SSH and connect
from other systems.  But you have to be able to log into the machine and
type commands like "apt-get install ssh" first - could be tricky.
Charles Sebold                                         2nd of Adar, 5762

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