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Re: Unusable Beige G3

"Ricardo Pardini" <pardinilist@construnet.com.br> writes:
> Hello Everyone!


This is just a suggestion:

The other day I decided to upgrade my mother's computer to more RAM (I
have a 512 M RAM chip that before was not being used). While in there,
though, I somehow messed up her video card; it displayed things
funny. So, I went out and purchased her a new video card and that
problem is corrected (there is, however, some problem with the OS
turning the monitor back on after sleep/suspend stages [nVIDIA]).

Since the problem did not exist prior to adding the card, then perhaps
you touched something the wrong way or one of the wires has come
loose. For when the display began acting funny on my mother's machine,
I had just installed two 16MB SIMM's into the machine and my first
reaction was: this board doesn't like those SIMM's! But this turned
out to not be the case.

Personally, I'd open up the macintosh and look around for anything
loose, and give an extra push to insure that the wires are connected
snuggly. Following this, I'd note any switch settings I may have
changed (either by accident or intentionally to help the card work
right) and set them back.

Also, does the problem exist when the lid is open? The goal is to note
any differences that existed when it worked right as opposed to it not
working now.

Also, do *all* your keyboards produce the same results? Is there a USB
connector in the machine and if so it is possible to use a keyboard
through it? Is it possible to add a USB card, etc.


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