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RE: mpg321

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Jeroen Pulles wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Just some loosely connected thoughts:
> (1) Have you tried, as root:
> insmod dmasound
> to install the sound driver module into the kernel.
> It wasn't installed by default in the system I installed last week. (Or do a
> lsmod.)

dmasound is installed (listed as unused).

> (2) Is the user you're running in the 'audio' group?

That seemed to be the problem. I added myself to the 'audio' group and I
can play mp3's now. I had to re-learn how to add myself to that group.
Took a few tries with 'man' to figure it out.

> (3) If you did install OSS: Try and find libao.so. (a) is it on your system,
> by default it will be in /usr/local/lib IIRC, (b) is /usr/local/lib in your
> /etc/ld.so.conf?

What does OSS give you? I'm a little fuzzy about all of the different
audio stuff out there - OSS, ALSA, etc. Is there a good web page for all
of this stuff out there?

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