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Re: usb printer via pci usb card

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 14:15, Russell Hires wrote:
    > Now add a printer with the web based tool, and it should work.
    Okay, this is where I'm failing. I go through with the web based tool 
    (localhost:631), and it tells me to add a printer. Which option do I pick? 
    IPP? Serial? I don't see USB...

You go to Manage Printers->Add Printer -> give it some name and
description, click "continue". Then you get the "Device" pulldown
selector, where you can pick which port it is on.

Funny, now I do see my USB port listed too, on the very bottom.. weird.
Anyway, if you don't see USB option, just select Parallel Port #1, and
later change it on /etc/cups/printers.conf, and restart cups and it
should work.

    > There was one thing I had to tweak by hand though, CUPS did not let me
    > choose /dev/usb/lp0 for the printer port, 
    Where do you get to make this choice? 

In the "Device" page of "add printer". It probably does not say
"/dev/usb/lp0" but rather something like "USB Printer #1 (foo smthing)"

    It definitely helps. Thank you. I'm staying away from KUPS for now...

Yea, it helps to debug the base system first, once that works you can
try KUPS again.

Once you added the printer, you can set the "ServerName printerhost" in
/etc/cups/client.conf on all other machines on the LAN, so they print to
your printer box. You might also want to install "cupsys-bsd" too to get
"CUPSified" lpd and lpq commands as well so all applications that use
lpd work right.

Tuomas, who hit his head to the wall on the same issue a few weeks ago

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