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[newbie] ram and network problems.


I'm facing a strange behaviour.
and I'm very curious to know/understand more about it.
the computer (PowerMac 9600)
the RAM (32 Mb)

when the ram is plugged on. network become quitte unreachable.
ie, ping lost between 75-85% paquets
    ssh to other mahine fail
    fpt can't reach any host
but in the same time I can perform heavy compilation/calculs/etc...
it just affect the networking stuff.
NB the problem is not dependant on the slot I plug the ram
neither interleaving.
NB2 memory tools under MacOS (guru, techToolpro) claims there is no
problem with this.

when ram is unplugged, everithing is OK

I don't complain, I can live without this extra 32Mb, but I would like
to know what appens.
did it happens to one of you ?
what could be the reason ?


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