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Re: Powerpc (mac-G4) -essentially broken

>First is that the sounds in KDE are white noise.  I've seen
>posted bug report about dmasound_pmac not honouring
>byte-reversal requests, and I guess this is it.

No. It's not the kernel driver who should do byte swapping.
The userland app should do it. Most userland apps appear to
be quite broken in their use of the audio drivers APIs though,
some of them just consider the output is little endian, some
are even worse and configure the driver for little endian
while actually sending native endian samples to it.

dmasound_pmac will reject a setting of 16 bits little endian
and return a proposed value of 16 bits big endian. If the app
cannot cope with that it should fail, not output noise. I
think more recent versions of KDE sound servers have been
fixed though. Maybe the one in sid ?

>Unfortuantely, I'm trying to run an audio programming lab,
>and this is making things difficult to say the least 8-)

Well... don't use a broken sound server ;) You can still
directly talk to /dev/dsp. But I really think KDE sound
server was fixed.

>Secondly, the # key has disappeared.  Shift-3 just goes beep
>(actually "shhhhhhh") on the konsole, or produces a £ in
>emacs.  The keyboard has no # (or delete (as opposed to
>backspace), for that matter).  Thank you very, very much
>Apple.  Perhaps they don't write C programs!  Is there a
>*preferred* workaround for this?  Maybe an xmodmap placed
>somewhere?  Maybe I'm needing a keymap I don't know about?
>(shift-3 is still # on the console logins, however)

Well, Apple has nothing to do with broken XFree keymap. That's
weird though as I don't have this problem here. What keymap do
you use ? Is your kernel configured for ADB or linux keycodes ?

>Thridly (out of two 8-): the mouse crashes when exiting KDE.
>I've not seen this in a bug report.  It's a USB one and works
>fine until you exit KDE.  The remapping of F11 and F12 as the
>two mouse buttons works fine too (just left the stuff in from
>Potato).  I know there's a way to go yet before Woody gets
>release, but I wanted to be ready 8-)

What do you mean by "crash" ? It stops responding ? You can get
it back after killing & relaunching it or not ? Could be a gpm
configuration problem...


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