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Re: X with 16 Bit ...

    I want to configure my X with 16 Bit on my IBook2 with aty128 for
    running opengl with 1024x786 pixels.

    But after that, I saw, X felt back to 15 Bit and my screen was green.

    How can I fix it?

I just went through this with a Powermac 8500 running 'Testing', and
here's how i solved the problem.  It has the 'Control' display and
xserver-xfree 4.1.0-9, so if i set the depth to 16 bits, the color map
was a mess.  The trick for me was to see the default depth to 15 bits,
and use overrides to get to 8 bits or 24 bits.  That subrefuge was
necessary for me, as 'xdm' didn't believe in 15 bit color.  So i didn't
tell 'xdm' anything and set 15 bits as the default in XF86Config-4.  If 
i want an override, i add '-bpp 8' or '-bpp 24' to the revelant line in

I have no idea whether that will help you, but it might be worth a try.

                                -- Tovar

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