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Question about (older) TiBooks

	Dear Community,

	I was surfing the brazilian version of Ebay and found an
	(second-hand) older TiBook which is costing less than an
	iBook2, which seemed to me a good oportunity.

	Assuming that the hardware of this TiBook is working correctly
	(and that the person is only trying to sell it because he
	needs the money), would I encounter any problems with it
	running Linux? Are there any peripherals that are not
	supported (like sound or the DVD)?

	BTW, talking about DVDs, I think that the DVDs of all
	computers available recently in the marked are RPC2 compliant,
	but how does it work in Linux? Are the Open Source players
	"agnostic" regarding the region coding system?

	I understand that I'm asking a lot of questions, but that's
	because my experience with Macs is somewhat limited (to be
	honest, I only worked with a PowerMac 9500/180MP).

	I'd also welcome any guidance or further recommendations for
	what I should be looking for or avoiding in this (possible)

	Thank you very much for any help, Roger...

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