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Re: X on the new TiBooks

On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> I've found some radeonfb bugs causing all sort of colormap screwup using
> the Xserver on fbdev mode (or MacOnLinux). I'm currently working on
> fixing these, except a working version in my rsync tree real soon now
> (possibly this evening).

I'll be looking for it :-)  BTW, just curious as to why you offer only
rsync?  Seems like CVS would be a bit nicer for tracking changes.

> Next step for me is to get X working with accel & UseFBDev at least.
> Full functionality (without UseFBDev, DRI, etc...) will have to wait
> for 4.2.0, but i'll see if I can get at least a 4.1.0 working with
> accel & usefbdev.

I think I know what was screwed up with my radeon X module, so I'll put
some more work into it this weekend.  We may be able to have at least a
somewhat functional, non-FB radeon Xserver with the Debian 4.1.0 debs if I
can shake out the remaining issues.  Unfortunately, an untimely
interruption on Wednesday set me back a bit (it appears that I deleted the
somewhat working copy of my patch).  Shouldn't take too long to
reconstruct it, though.


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