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Re: xsane-0.78 - problem?

Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all!
> I installed xsane-0.878 from woody, Hardware is G4, scanner UMAX 2100U.
> I'm running kernel 2.4.14-ben0, which shows this type of scanner in
> /usb/scanner.h . It seems to be recognized during boot-time as I can
> find the scanner-device-id of my printer with dmesg head.
> I read about people who got with slight adaptation of UMAX 1220U
> driver (written originally by Paul Mackerras) to go to work with
> UMAX 2000U, for instance.
> So I haven't installed that 1220u driver in the moment.
> When I try to evoke xsane it quits immediately after accepting the
> licence with:
>   Direct Memory Access Error
> (originally "Speicherzugriffsfehler")
> So my questions are:
> Where does that error come from, or why does it happen?
> Does xsane work on PPC with USB-scanners in general.
> If so, and my scanner-hardware is the problem, can anybody share his
> experiences regarding another type of scanner (a few Epson-USB-types seem
> to work perfect in general - do they work the same way with PPC) for
> not to buy the second wrong scanner-type (The old one was from my former
> MacOS-times, so it hurts a little less ;-)).

That USB scanner isn't supported AFAICT.  I have a 2010 and that
doesn't work either.  The latest linux kernel can't really identify
the scanner and in the end it decides it a 'disk.'  Look at
linux-usb.org for more info on supported scanners, which would make
scanner shopping a lot easier.  BTW, the 2010 doesn't work on
Windohs either!  Umax hasn't been able to produce a scan application
(the driver works -- big deal) that works with the 2010 yet, but
they have no problem shipping the scanner.  You could always try the
1220 driver, ymmv.  Let us know if you find anything out.


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