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Re: Supported models

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, sloopy malibu wrote:

> i havnt heard anything on my offer on this... but i have been doing some
> playing around with a Mac OS App similar to what i had proposed earlier
> (recap: and application for a user to download and run to let them know
> if their particular machine has been tested by someone else...)
> i found tht i can get the machine name... seems apple has decided if you
> need to know what machine you are running that is how it is to be done...
> i should have a app to release (as a 0.0.1 devel release) to do this with
> the oldworld and nubus ppc machines... with the info and the few new-world
> machines entered also... any suggestions would be appreciated...

I can probably help with this as well.  As a new owner of a Tibook 550, I
am new to this list and probably missed the original discussion (will
check the archives).  Ron and I did the Alpha machine type list, fyi.


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