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Re: Supported models

on 11/5/01 11:23 PM using moldy cheese rbf@debian.org engraved this message

> sloopy malibu (sloopy@amishinfo.com) wrote:
>> on 11/5/01 2:56 AM using moldy cheese erbenson@alaska.net engraved this
>> message
>>> but again, if someone would like to maintain a relativly distro
>>> independent hardware list on penguinppc let me know for an account.  i
>>> don't think the current lists have anyone really doing much maintainence.
>> i can volunteer for this... i am going to be compiling something similar for
>> mac models so adding the other ppc ports wouldnt be much trouble...
> Let me know if you need any help. I would also be willing to do this or
> help with it. I'd like to see a list like we did for the Alpha port[0].
> IMHO it should list all known models and whether they are supported or
> not. 
> Ron

i havnt heard anything on my offer on this... but i have been doing some
playing around with a Mac OS App similar to what i had proposed earlier
(recap: and application for a user to download and run to let them know
if their particular machine has been tested by someone else...)
i found tht i can get the machine name... seems apple has decided if you
need to know what machine you are running that is how it is to be done...
i should have a app to release (as a 0.0.1 devel release) to do this with
the oldworld and nubus ppc machines... with the info and the few new-world
machines entered also... any suggestions would be appreciated...


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