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Re: XFree 86 color palette screwed up.

Comments below...

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From: "Colin Walters" <walters@debian.org>
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Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: XFree 86 color palette screwed up.

> Laurent de Segur <ldesegur@mac.com> writes:
> > This problem came after a fresh install of Woody. XFree hasn't run
> > on the system yet. I am in ofonly mode installing all the bits and
> > pieces. I set up for the first time the XF86Config file to use 16
> > bit depth, and restart the machine (I know the XF86 config file
> > works because it's bitwise identical to the one working on another
> > iBook.)
> I don't think XFree is going to be happy when you've passed
> video=ofonly.

I know that... However, when I do a fresh install, I am in console mode and
Ineed to start somewhere anyway, right? So ofonly is the mode I used to do
the installation in console mode AT FIRST. The problem appears when I
restart in r128 mode after having installed all the packages as I stated in
my original message.

(FYI: when trying a start x in ofonly mode, it says that the screen can't be
found, which kinda makes senses. But you probably know that already...)

> > At restart, I change my yaboot config to use the boot settings with
> > the video r128 card. When XFree86 comes up, I get a screen in
> > inverted colors (not sure if inverted, but really mixed up anyway,
> > like lots of greens and blue.) It looks exactly like the hw palette
> > on the card hasn't been initialized except that I don't know if
> > there is a palette in true color.
> What happens if you boot with no video= argument at all?  The default
> on a recent kernel (this means 2.4.x at least) should be fine I
> believe.  You are running 2.4.x, right?

I am running 2.4.12 (not much choice on new HW, although I ran 2.2.19 for a
while without trouble but no extra stuff :-( , and whatever is in debian
testing as far as XFree86 (4.1.09?).

Tonight, I'll try passing nothing in the args and see what happens as well
as using 15 vs. 16 as Michel suggested in a previous reply..

Again, the procedure to reproduce: all I need to do is edit my XF86Config-4
to run in 16 bit depth, switch my run level to 2 (to avoid x to start),
restart in ofonly mode (that's ok because x won't start), then when I am at
the console login, log in, and restart the system with r128 fb video mode
passed as kernel args, log in again, and finally do a startx (or make sure
that I changed back my run level back to 4 to run xfree automagically.) This
will show the inverted palette(or whatever is the real bug) problem all the
time. And this happens only with 16. Pretty basic, uh?

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