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XFree 86 color palette screwed up.

The machine is an iBook 2001 latest rev (600/100). Thanks to Apple marketing
for making this confusing. The video card in the machine is identical to the
previous model: a R128 M2 rev 2.

This problem came after a fresh install of Woody. XFree hasn't run on the
system yet. I am in ofonly mode installing all the bits and pieces. I set up
for the first time the XF86Config file to use 16 bit depth, and restart the
machine (I know the XF86 config file works because it's bitwise identical to
the one working on another iBook.)

At restart, I change my yaboot config to use the boot settings with the
video r128 card. When XFree86 comes up, I get a screen in inverted colors
(not sure if inverted, but really mixed up anyway, like lots of greens and
blue.) It looks exactly like the hw palette on the card hasn't been
initialized except that I don't know if there is a palette in true color.

I reboot and it does the same. Now, if I change XF86Config to use 24 bits
depth by default, and restart the X server (not the machine), then no
problem, colors are ok. I change to 16 bit depth again in XF86Config and
then restart using the r128 video mode and then it's working now. No more
inverted colors. 

To recap, It only happens when I boot first in ofonly video mode then
restart the system using the 16 bit depth default mode. Kinda easy to

Has anyone seen that problem yet?


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