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Re: XFree 86 color palette screwed up.

Laurent de Segur <ldesegur@mac.com> writes:

> This problem came after a fresh install of Woody. XFree hasn't run
> on the system yet. I am in ofonly mode installing all the bits and
> pieces. I set up for the first time the XF86Config file to use 16
> bit depth, and restart the machine (I know the XF86 config file
> works because it's bitwise identical to the one working on another
> iBook.)

I don't think XFree is going to be happy when you've passed

> At restart, I change my yaboot config to use the boot settings with
> the video r128 card. When XFree86 comes up, I get a screen in
> inverted colors (not sure if inverted, but really mixed up anyway,
> like lots of greens and blue.) It looks exactly like the hw palette
> on the card hasn't been initialized except that I don't know if
> there is a palette in true color.

What happens if you boot with no video= argument at all?  The default
on a recent kernel (this means 2.4.x at least) should be fine I
believe.  You are running 2.4.x, right?

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