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Re: util-linux-locales still unpacked

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 03:22:05PM +0100, Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all1
> There was a problem posted last week with woody's util-linux, in which 
> i ran as well before noticing it by reading the mails. Since that time
> dpkg -s util-linux gives version 2.11h-1 install ok installed and
> util-linux-locales 2.11l-3 gives status install ok unpacked.
> So far Ethan Benson wrote in a follow-up that the fixed version is yet
> uploaded and should be available probably on friday last week.

the fixed version has been in sid for nearly a week now.

> So I want to ask if the fixed version has been uploaded in the
> meantime?

its in sid, apparently its not in woody for some (probably lame)

> If so, I seem to have a problem to get this fixed version by normal
> upgrading with e.g. dselect because of apt holding my pack in unpacked
> and terminates then. How to escape this if it's true?
> Thanks for any answer and help in advance

install the sid version.

which is -4

Ethan Benson

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