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util-linux-locales still unpacked

Hello all1

There was a problem posted last week with woody's util-linux, in which 
i ran as well before noticing it by reading the mails. Since that time
dpkg -s util-linux gives version 2.11h-1 install ok installed and
util-linux-locales 2.11l-3 gives status install ok unpacked.

So far Ethan Benson wrote in a follow-up that the fixed version is yet
uploaded and should be available probably on friday last week.

So I want to ask if the fixed version has been uploaded in the

If so, I seem to have a problem to get this fixed version by normal
upgrading with e.g. dselect because of apt holding my pack in unpacked
and terminates then. How to escape this if it's true?

Thanks for any answer and help in advance

SY &


Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@eunet.at

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