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Re: Supported models

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 02:30:25AM -0500, sloopy malibu wrote:
> well i looked into this this even... and it seems i will need ALOT
> of nails to nail this jelly to the tree... it seems almost all old
> world machines have unique gestalt id's which is fine but all
> new world machines use the SAME gestalt ID (406) and they need to
> be differentiated in some other way... i am still looking into this
> and i do think it is possible tho... but this is the list i have made
> with info from the list and web... if there are errors or corrections
> i would appreciate any input...

i remember some time back when the newworlds were first introduced
apple said that gestalts were deprecated and not to use them anymore
(since obviously they are totally faked under the newworld
architecture).  you might search apple's developer crap for what they
suggest doing instead, iirc it was something more sensible like `check
for the actual part you need, rather then just assuming certain models
all have the same hardware configuration'.

Ethan Benson

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