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Re: G3's, G4's, Altivec, DVD's, iBooks, and TiBooks

Henrik Edlund wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> AS> Actually, I don't get the joke, but I'm dense like that sometimes.
> AS> However, I will relate an unrelated story.  I was representing a
> AS> company that spent large amounts of money with the best known PC
> AS> supplier in this country.  Every computer was immediately wiped of
> AS> windows upon delivery and Linux installed.  In a meeting with the
> AS> manufacturer, I broached the unthinkable: I asked them to sell us
> AS> computers with no operating system installed on the hard drives.  I
> AS> explained our situation to them and the answer was, sure, they could
> AS> do that, if we signed a letter of intent for $50k/quarter of
> AS> business (which we were already doing), and then they would do it
> AS> for an additional $50/machine.  I said, well, no, I wanted
> AS> $150/machine LESS, because we were no longer buying the Windows
> AS> license, and Dell^H^H^H^H unnamed manufacturer would no longer have
> AS> to go to the expense of installing the software.  They treated this
> AS> concept as a joke.  I responded appropriately.  After, the marketing
> AS> veep said, 'Dude, you really reamed him.  Was that necessary?'  I
> AS> said 'we still have choices.'
> The question is why you were buying IBM PC compatibles in the first place
> when you could have bought Sun hardware. And if you really needed PC
> hardware why not assemble the machines yourself? No Microsoft tax.

Sounds like you are talking about a lot of choices.   Choices are
good.  In this case, though, we were talking about laptops.  We
could've gotten laptops from ASUS, for example, w/o the penalty, but
those lacked features the lusers wanted....


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