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Re: Horked TiBook: need assistance

Thanks for the suggestions everyone...turns out it is a hardware problem 
(just bad timing on my part, it would have failed regardless of what I was 
diong), Apple tech support had me try a million things, and they think that 
the logic board needs to be replaced...So, its going back to Apple for repair 
this week, thankfully covered by warranty :)

Anyway, I'll probably continue to lurk on the list for another week or so 
until I get it back and try again...I'm sure I'll have more questions!


On Sunday 21 October 2001 15:43, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >This morning I tried the snag key 'c' to boot off the debian 2.2r3 CD I
> > just burned (yeah, I realized afterwords I need to do the boot
> > cd:,\yaboot
> from OF
> >since I don't get anything but a white screen). Since then, when I power
> > it on, I hear the Apple chime thing, but the screen never powers on. It
> > doesn't boot OS/X, and if I press the apple-option-o-f thing to get into
> > the open firmware, nothing happens. I've been in the open firmware stuff
> > before, so I know I'm doing it right. I've tried pressing the
> > apple-option-p-r combo when booting to reset the OF (note: not sure about
> > the timing on that one, I've tried pressing and holding it before
> > power-on, right after, after the chime, etc) but it doesn't seem to do
> > anything. I also tried the little power management reset button at the
> > back of the laptop...nothing. I tried unplugging power/battery and
> > letting it sit for an hour, repeating my other fixes as well....nothing.
> > I've even tried apple-option-o-f, then
> assuming its
> >in OF even though the display isn't on, and trying to type set-defaults.
> Could be broken env. variables in OF.
> Can you try using the same combo as if your were updating the firmware ?
> I think it's something like powering up the book with cmd-power with the
> power button kept pressed until you hear a tone. I think this cause it
> to reboot on a backup copy of OF. If this cause it to double boot, then
> try doing the cmd-opt-P-R or O-F combo on the second boot.
> Ben.

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