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Re: netscape on Potato

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Orion Buckminster Montoya wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 05:20:10PM -0500, Paul F. Pearson wrote:
> > I gave up on Mozilla. I downloaded it from the MOzilla web stie, and it
> > also wouldn't use the Automatically COnfigured internet proxy we're
> > required to use at work.
> What version of Mozilla did you use?  I use an autoconfigured proxy,
> too, and while for a long time Mozilla would just break when I tried
> to use it, some time after April of this year it started working, and
> has ever since; I no longer use Netscape at all, and don't know the
> answer to your question.

I grabbed the latest version from their site (0.9.x, IIRC). I basically
wasnt' impressed. It's obviously still beta (duh!) and I'd like something
a little cleaner.

> > P.S.: this is not ppc related, but where's a good reference on X security?
> > I need to use rsh, but the remote clients can't connect to my X server. I
> > presume that it's a Magic Cookie thing, but I know nothing about this
> > stuff. My workaround right now is to use 'xhost +' to turn off the
> > security, but I don't like that.
> This is not an answer to your question, but you should use ssh instead
> of rsh, and you can tunnel x clients through ssh, without having to
> involve xhost at all.

Unfortunately, I don't think the other boxes have ssh on them :-( I
finally got OPenSSH installed on the box (I'm using it now to send this
message from my personal ISP rather than work). It seems pretty cool, but
the docs as installed seem weak. I'll have to look some stuff up.


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